Shift K3Y releases NIT3 TALES, Pt. 2

English DJ & producer Shift K3Y has returned with another release, his second part of Nit3 Tales, featuring collaborations with high-profile artists and vocalists such as Chris Lorenzo and MNEK.

The Nit3 Tales series started off back in August earlier this year when Nit3 Tales, Pt.1 was released. This was an excellently produced release, taking us on a journey exploring the diverse music that Shift K3Y can create.

The producer has had major success with his Shift K3Y project, having had two tracks in the UK top 40 charts, ‘Touch’ and ‘I Know’ but as well as this, he has written for other artists, the biggest hit being Tinie Tempah and Jess Glynne’s ‘Not Letting Go’.

Nit3 Tales, Pt. 2 kicks off with a collaboration with the mighty Chris Lorenzo entitled ‘Let Go‘ which has Lorenzo’s slick signature wobble bass sounds alongside Shift K3Y’s quirky sound, creating an exciting take on UK house. The next track is ‘Brandy & Coke‘, a very experimental track containing lots of new sounds, well crafted bass lines and gripping drum grooves.

This is followed by ‘No Question‘ which features the vocals of MNEK and Ryan Ashley mixed with warm UK house synths. The next track is the penultimate track in this release, entitled ‘Forever‘; this is more similar to his older releases, such as ‘Touch’, retaining his original Shift K3y sound. Last but not least is ‘Hotel‘ which is much more hip hop/R&B based, containing elements that are similar to Drake.

When asked about the album, Shift K3Y said:

This is a soundtrack to my night life, coming to you from my imagination. It’s a much wider range of my influences, from the darker and bassy, to the hyper-melodic; featuring collaborations with people and friends whom I feel are integral to my Nit3 Life”

Nit3 Tales has also had a lot of support from BBC Radio 1 DJ Mistajam, who said the following about the album:

“Sounding really strong and with some amazing collaborations, Nit3 Tales is basically the who’s who of music at this moment in time.”

Check out Nit3 Tales Pt. 2 in the link below via Spotify: