Simon Patterson feat. Dave Wright – Vapour Trails

Simon Patterson is a name synonymous with innovation and quality. Whether he’s making tough underground trance or heartbreaking, melancholic vocal hits – he is all about writing, producing and playing hard impacting, emotionally charged electronic music. The young producer is an innovator within the scene thanks to his powerful productions and successful introduction of psy-trance and techno into his live sets and radio show. Back when artists were combining mainstream sounds into trance, Simon went the other way and sought influences from the underground. Twenty-one consecutive Beatport number ones speak volumes about his popularity and the quality of the audio soundscapes he creates.

Patterson recently signed to Insomniac Records and the partnership is being kicked off with ‘Vapour Trails’ – a vocal record of huge proportions featuring the talented singer and songwriter Dave Wright. His first vocal release since January when he topped the charts with the sublime ‘Now I Can Breathe Again’, this new future anthem looks set to bring Patterson’s incredible run of consecutive Beatport number ones to a staggering twenty-two. With its pristine production, beautiful lyrics and a huge chorus – this is without question Simon Patterson at his all-time best.

The future hit ‘Vapour Trails’ is out now. Check it out for yourself right here:


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