Stereohats & JØZEN – Lowjob

Marco Bellincampi and Sergio Calvaruso are currently two of Italy’s brightest exports. Collectively known as Stereohats, these two producers have recently been making their presence known within this competitive industry. Most notably, these up-and-coming talents have just signed with Deorro’s record label Panda Funk to release their brand new single titled “Lowjob”.

Stereohats’ latest production comes with the help of another artist from Italy named JØZEN, who has successfully been establishing himself in the dance music scene as well. This collaboration, however, is not the first between this formidable trio of Italian producers.

Earlier this year, Stereohats and JØZEN joined forces to create the exhilarating and fierce tune called “Spacefvnk”. This track caught the world by storm and gave these talents great momentum toward the release of their recently signed track on Panda Funk.

“Lowjob” was a production started two years ago and finally, it has been completed and the top-notch quality certainly shows. Right off the bat, the energy is felt through the vivacious vocals that transition into the first climatic sequence. The track is bridged by a funky progression that features some catchy guitar riffs and beats, which altogether build up to the concluding drop that sends off the entire record with a bang.

“Lowjob” is now available on Panda Funk and you can download/stream it here.