Steve Angello

Steve Angello & Still Young – Follow Me (Instrumental)

Having teased us with the official preview of his latest track last week, Steve Angello has rather graciously released his hotly-anticipated track with Still Young.

Previewed through the SIZE Records SoundCloud account seven days ago, the tracks itself has been featured in his performances for three years. Yes…three whole years! Further evidence of Steve Angello’s close friendship with the duo, as well as his masterful mentor roll, it brings great satisfaction to hear the track in its high quality, mastered, format.

Titled “Follow Me”, the tracks as in instrumental, implying that just maybe a vocal edition is on the horizon (as heard on the unofficial previews). With Steve Angello himself posting a rather scenic video announcing the tracks release and its relevant details earlier today, the human-touch in his work, persona and music was ever-present.


Exclusive to Beatport, the track itself is a grinding and infectious progressive house track. Beautifully built up with melody, driving drum beats and a flurry of chords, “Follow Me” has a climatic progression that have had fans yearning for it for quite some time.

Check out the preview in all its glory below and be sure to grab your copy from here today!

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