Munchie Squad

Sam Bruno – Tip Of My Tongue (Munchie Squad Remix)

Munchie Squad have had an impressive rise over the last nine months. A DJ/Producer trio hailing from Vienna in Austria, their lifestyle can certainly be felt in their portfolio to date.

Still relatively new to the scene, their caliber of work and its quality speaks volumes of their attention to detail and talent. Living a crazy lifestyle adjoined with by a spontaneous nature, their quirky style certainly brings them a distinction to their craft.

With the magical aurora of Vienna surrounding them, their typical sounds of Future Bass and Deep House has reaped great reward. Remixing the likes of KSHMR and Matoma to name a couple, their original material to date is both notable and respectable. Now expanding into a new, more subdued sub-genre, their latest work see’s them venture into the broad sound of Electro House.

Releasing on Atlantic Records, their remix of Sam Bruno’s “Tip Of My Tongue” is a sumptuous blend of chord, vocal manipulation and and vibrant rhythm. Using light and heavy tones, the tribal essence carries the tempo rather nicely. Producing an enjoyable atmosphere, the track is an enriching listen for all to enjoy.

Available to grab a copy of iTunes or stream on Spotify, Munchie Squad’s latest remix can be previewed in full below!

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