Alesso drops official music video for recent release “Take My Breath Away”

Ever since it’s first unveiling, Alesso‘s impressive new single ‘Take My Breath Away‘ has been causing a stir in the electronic music stratosphere. The infectious new electro track was co-produced by Dillon Francis and after the two superstars teased the collaboration for the better part of a year, the final version of the track has finally seen the light of day.

The sultry house beauty features a mesmerizing female vocal, mixing the looped phrasing with trap-appropriate snare drums throughout its course. ‘Take My Breath Away’ is the charming fusion of two worlds we never anticipated would collide, and yet now that it has occurred, we rejoice at the magic of the final product. The track has the smooth pop appeal of Alesso’s catalog with just a hint of left-field reminiscent of dance music’s rebel Francis.


Although electronic music producers have placed a greater emphasis on the quality of music videos of late, there is no denying that the lyric videos have certainly created a trend amongst the dance music elite like Avicii and Kygo. Seemingly a less sophisticated way of expressing the music in comparison to the traditional music video format, Alesso’s new lyric video for ‘Take My Breath Away’ is the exception to the rule.

The lyric video is nothing short of a visual masterpiece which is further complemented by the lustful quality of the track. The brave, eclectic, avant-garde fusion of fast moving imagery is the work of a brilliant creative artist who has certainly mastered their craft. A multitude of layers and visuals that would take an eternity to decipher, the music video adds so much value to the track that it’s almost difficult to put into words.

Alesso has succeeded in creating an infectious and addictive visual piece of art. In a world full of unimaginative music videos lacking in originality, this is certainly a refreshing departure from the familiar.


There appears to be a seemingly endless technological and creative ability to infuse visuals and electronic music to create audio-visual masterpieces, yet the abundance of potential appears to be wasted. With such an emphasis on festival main-stages and scantily clad women in almost every music video in electronic music, this video’s refreshing, artistic nature borders on exhilarating. The irony is in the fact that by replacing the nudity with creative use of visuals made the video even more provocative and created a unique sensual journey.

We live in a blessed era where the fusion of the audio and visual elements can greatly enhance the electronic music experience. Here is hoping that more electronic music artists follow suit from Alesso and we see more of these beautiful gems in the future.

Check out the eclectic lyric music video for Alesso’s ‘Take My Breath Away’ which is a tantalizing dessert for all senses:


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