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Watch: Flume performs a world class set in London

Flume is currently on his biggest tour yet, the Skin World Tour. He has travelled all over the world, from the USA to Europe, promoting his new album ‘Skin’ which came out earlier this year. The Australian producer has sold out venues with capacities over 10,000 people all over the globe, proving how successful his second album has been.

One of these venues is the legendary Alexandra Palace in London, situated on top of a hill overlooking major landmarks of London, allowing you to see some stunning views before you enter the venue which all adds to the atmosphere and build up to the show. Due to the sheer size of this venue, there was plenty of room for Flume and his team to experiment with visuals, and I have to say that they definitely did an excellent job.

Luckily enough, a fan was keen enough to record the whole set using a go-pro, which was attached to his head. He managed to catch every single minute of the set in high definition, so for anyone who missed out on the tickets that sold out within a week, this is the closest thing to the real performance you’ll get to see!

Enjoy the full performance below: