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WATCH: Idris Elba’s ‘How Clubbing Changed The World’

With a little knowledge and a lot of researching, one could find that the history of electronic music has a lot more layers to it than what appears on the surface. For example, the first EDC experience wasn’t a millennial idea; it started back in the early 90’s in a Los Angeles field for a crowd much smaller than a thousand. Since then, its exponential growth past furry boots and good music is now starting to get the recognition it deserves. It is now a culture of millions listening to music and keeping the sound alive because of their desire to feel they belong. Electronic music and the depth of clubbing has been around for years, and as the industry continues to grow, it’s becoming imperative for people of all ages to educate themselves about its history. A history of a sound that has now taken Billboard’s Top 100, and the minds of the world, by an unexpected storm.

Idris Elba‘s feature film, ‘How Clubbing Changed The World’, is a comprehensive tribute to clubbing and how crucial the development has been to dance music’s billion dollar empire. It stems back to 80’s fashion, Chicago’s House music evolution, and the beginning of dubstep which has now become a world phenomenon. The documentary touches on the development of house DJ’s, and the not-so-awesome cons that go along with the recognition. It highlights the origin of bass music, the necessity of looping, the importance of festivals, and the beauty that follows when race, creed, gender, and status all go to the wayside in the name of music.

The almost two-hour journey is an eye opener and everyone who appreciates the scene should give it a shot. It’s important to learn that the history of something that is now at our fingertips, wasn’t always as such. How Clubbing Changed The World is the perfect film for anyone who desires to experience the ingredients that have created the world we engulf ourselves in every day.

Watch the film below and remember that “getting together and letting yourself go“, is a notion that will always exceed the press of a play button.

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