Zedd releases footage of future “Let Me Love You” remix

Since the release of DJ Snake’s Encore, the French producer has set a milestone for electronic music and the limitless potential that follows a studio album. Serving as his first, and hopefully not hit last, Encore’s tracklist is packed with chart-topping Billboard hits. With songs like “Middle” and the explosive Skrillex collaboration “Sahara”, DJ snake certainly has enough fuel backing this album straight to top. No single however, has earned him as much recognition as his hit “Let Me Love You” ft. the one and only, Justin Beiber. Having the world’s most famous popstar on your record is a feat not many can reach, and marks as a true punctuation mark for Snake’s future endeavors.

What seems to be 3 minutes of pure enjoyment for listeners across the globe, it’s no wonder EDM and all those who inhabit the ever growing scene are now deciding to sample the track. First with an announcement by the masked man himself, Marshmello, “Let Me Love You” seems to also be getting a makeover by the commercial hero himself, Zedd. The Grammy winner took to Snapchat where he played a snip of the direction his mix headed. From the video, fans can dissect that the track’s original structure has obviously been sped up, and like typical Zedd fashion, a monstrous buildup which will hopefully lead to one of his notoriously fun drops.

Take a listen to the video below, and let us know your thoughts on Zedd’s newest DJ Snake attempt.


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