The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk

In what has been one of the most stellar collaborative efforts of the year, French House duo and Dance Music’s global icons Daft Punk combined with Canadian singer/songwriter The Weeknd on ‘Starboy‘ for the latter’s upcoming album of the same name. The YouTube stream alone, at this very moment, has over 228 million plays – which may not be a certain quantifier for quality but certainly is one for popularity and appeal. What less could you expect from such a high intensity collaboration. But that wasn’t all. The two are back to the charts with another mesmerizing team-up titled ‘I Feel It Coming‘ and it’s as good as you’re expecting it to sound.

Having shifted influences multiple times in their career spanning ever since the 1990s, what we have here is Daft Punk bringing the long recognized ‘Daft-Punk’ sound to it. Hence, it focuses on bringing together quality rather than bring out innovation. But the real magic is the man on a purple patch. The Weeknd, with his enchanting voice and mesmerizing work behind the songwriting desk, does wonders at the helm of affairs. The song in its totality is a nostalgic blast into the past just due to sound and the setting even though the lyrics attempt to reignite a lost will to romance. It says a lot for the two artists when the fact remains that the only competition this track really has is ‘Starboy‘ itself.

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