YDER & NICKYP – Cue Up the Bass

YDER and NICKYP are currently two producers who are starting to become household names within this industry. In the past, these two talents have joined forces to form a bass house masterpiece called “Bad Man Sound”, which has received an immense amount of support since its release. Returning with another dancefloor-killer, YDER and NICKYP drop their latest collaboration titled “Cue Up the Bass” that is most certainly geared to dominate any festival or club around the world.

Prior to this new single, Italy’s YDER has been on a rapid incline one release after another. Especially with his original production named “Krypton” and his signed record on Peak Hour Music called “I Say Love”, his portfolio has been nothing short of remarkable. Similarly, New York’s NICKYP has achieved vast success since entering the electronic music scene. His hot streak became much bigger with his recent releases like “Nostalgia” and “Monstra” alongside Da Rave, which is set to continue with this mind-boggling tune together with YDER.

Right off the bat, “Cue Up the Bass” sends out an insurmountable amount of energy with its lively vocals that build up toward the first climatic sequence. Featuring some earth-shattering bass house sounds and distorted synths, the drop clearly possesses the power to electrify a crowd of any magnitude. Overall, “Cue Up the Bass” is an absolute must-hear track for any electronic music enthusiast and effectively showcases the types of talents YDER and NICKYP truly are.

“Cue Up the Bass” is now available and you can grab a copy below.