Yuneer Gainz – Killdit

With all the recent commercial success following electronic music in the past year, 2016’s continuous showcase of genre freeform places the industry at an ambitious turning point. With the consistent incorporation of sounds from all walks of the art, hip-hop’s recent marriage to trap is certainly on the horizon as a new frontier for EDM. Upcoming artist Yuneer Gainz has merged the sounds into an innovative flow all of his own, and with the production help of Dimebag, the endless possibilities surrounding his career has caused some serious stir.

His newest single titled “Killdit” incorporates a slue of courageous production efforts and a flow as notable as it is experimental. A true combination of indulgent sounds, Yuneer Gainz first entrance into the scene is one that shouldn’t be forgotten. With Dimebag’s solid structure holding the vocals at a layered pace, the tracks jam of with synth progressions and moody beat placement sticks out amongst its competition. All in all, if “Killdit” holds any indication as to where this East Coast native is headed, the sky is certainly the limit.

Take a listen to Yuneer Gainz newest release “Killdit” below, and make sure to follow his official Soundcloud page here.

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