Alan Walker – Alone

Northampton-born NoCopyrightSound prodigy turned hard head crossover man Alan Walker has proven himself more than able to fuse high end pop with his polished melodic dance roots. On the return after a summer of touring and relishing in the buzz behind his two world-take-over hits “Faded” and “Sing To Me“, the more recent Sony Music signee breaks his silence with another sign of life for the ever expanding crossover market.

His latest offering titled “Alone” plays like an alternative pop anthem wrapped in uplifting modern club hallmarks. “Alone” takes on a more mysterious, almost blissful direction than its predecessor, floating through airy synthesizer toplines and vintage undertones which combine with moving strings to create a vibrant piece of music. The track develops in a smooth manner, with peaks and lulls that strengthen its entrancing effect and soaring strings that move the buildups along at a nice pace.

There’s an essence of something more soft stepping from the Norwegian producer that underlines his signature string and pluck work, but the single frames a more confident and ordinated take on the Alan Walker sound than ever before. If this is to be a sign of things to come from the young Norwegian in 2017, then the New Year cannot come sooner.


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