Alesso’s 2012 Electro House hit ‘Clash’ turns 4 years old

If there is one artist you can always count on to churn out music which either become your favorites for sure or are the headlining tracks at the world’s biggest stages, it’s the Swedish production virtuoso Alesso. One of course remembers his tracks ‘Years‘ along with Matthew Koma on the vocals and ‘City of Dreams‘ alongside Dirty South to be one of the truly golden tracks of the years gone by. And as is the case with most of his tracks, they don’t just end up being favorites of listeners, the tracks are a hit at the festival stages with large crowds too. One such hit from one his successful years is the late 2012 hit ‘Clash’ which completed 4 years since release this past weekend. Released on Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Records, the track raked in 2 Million views on Youtube and been, undoubtedly, as one of the iconic tracks of the time when Dance Music was on the rise.

Featuring a heavy crunch in this one, Alesso had significantly moved away from the structure of his earlier tracks which had been quite not the tracks which the clubs craved. ‘Clash‘ signified Alesso releasing an anthem for all situations, unleashing an energetic melody paired with strong bass-superstructure throughout which was adept for clubs and festivals alike. As, one listener aptly put it, ‘Clash’ was a track for a “special Dance Battle”. While there are only a few tracks nowadays that quite cut the deal like this one, Alesso’s 2012 hit will forever be etched in our memories along with other significant releases of his from those years.

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