Apollo & Estēvan – Lost In Ecstasy (ft. Kelsey Hayes & Justin Lavergne)

Lost In Ecstasy‘ by up and coming producers Apollo & Estēvan is the first single released from Apollo’s upcoming debut EP. The two Canadian producers have come together for the first time to create this world-class collaboration, which showcases both of their talents alongside the captivating vocals. ‘Lost In Ecstasy’ demonstrates production of the highest quality, with its incredible depth, delivering on every level.

Featuring moving vocals from Kelsey Hayes & Justin Lavergne, this powerful track pulls at the heartstrings of the listener. With a bassline as soulful as this, combined with haunting harmonies from the vocalists, each element of the song comes together to create a highly emotional and complex piece of music.

Beginning with a soft melody involving piano and guitar elements, the track evolves piece by piece as the vocals are intertwined with the other aspects of the song, creating an outstanding opening, which builds towards the peak of the track. As the music quietens to focus on the vocals, both artists’ voices are showcased beautifully. The track drops, with the deep bassline effortlessly flowing, creating an energy that will have crowds dancing while effecting the emotions of the listener.

The many layers of the track come together to compliment each other, with a magnificent end result. Apollo & Estēvan are certainly producers to watch, with a promising future ahead of them.

Listen to ‘Lost In Ecstasy’ by Apollo & Estevan on Spotify, or purchase on iTunes.

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