Axtone Presents: Best of 2016

Reputed as one of the best labels in industry, Axtone is held in high regard from all involved in electronic dance music. From fans to managers, artists to executives, the talent Axwell‘s imprint is able to recruit and attract speaks volumes of its taste’s and calibre.

While having enjoyed one of its biggest, and finest, years to date in 2016, Axtone still has another treat for its adoring fan base. Putting together a ‘Best of 2016‘ mix for its 28th Axtone Presents podcast, it certainly reflects the consistency of its output. One of our favourite mixes from the back end of the year, the compilation of some the years more memorable tracks offers a short trip down memory lane.

Featuring the likes of the beloved Axwell and Shapov remix of “Belong“, Kryder‘s melodic masterpeice “Crocodile Tears” and Dave Winnel‘s dominant House throwback in “Old School“, the 30-minute compilation is something special. Also lining up studio production from the likes of WILL K, Tom Staar, Robbie Rivera, Lenno, MEG \ NERAK and recent star Vlad Lucan, the roster for 2017 is set to be primed with capable talent.

And while the likes of Klahr‘s “Sapphire” and “Lyon” are some of the notable absences from the end-of-year mix, the mix still packs an almighty punch. Rounded out in the second half by a throwback to Axwell’s Tomorrowland set, many of Axtone’s other tracks from 2016 get to feature in the final 30 minutes. In turn, providing a rather poignant nostalgic overtone.

Able to be purchased or streamed today, check out the hour-long podcast below and let us know your thoughts!

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