Axwell & Ingrosso – Together (Dr. Shiver Remix)

Dr. Shiver continues to build his repertoire of first-rate remixes with a crafty redesign of the Axwell & Ingrosso‘s legendary “Together“, which was released back in 2005. The original has been one of 2005’s favourable tracks. While the tune received a strong batch of remixes over the course of the past years, one of Italy’s favorite remix maestros has taken a stab to round out the pack.

Axwell & Ingrosso’s original is very creatively arranged already, with a captivating vocal topline and a foot-tapping, head-bobbing rhythm constructed with just the right amount of groove. Dr. Shiver utilises a bouncy beat different to the original, but tweaks the groove and the synth design subtly to fit his sensual style. Composing a rhythmic arrangement of appealing synth hooks and driving percussion, the Milano-based producer continues to showcase his versatility and revitalise Axwell & Ingrosso’s soulful original into a new, refreshing form.

One way to know that an artist is dedicated to creating a certain sound is when every creative choice fits it like a glove. In Dr. Shiver’s case, with this particular remix, the top line in the chorus and the drop is one of those features which could be said to be pronounced to the point of sticking out, but does so in a purposeful way that makes it relevant to the style at hand.

Ultimately, the track fuses the best of heyday house hallmarks and contemporary groove energy, levelling the playing field with a sense of depth and dexterity only found among a select handful of acts on the European market. Just as you can always count on the European touch to make subtle returns into the market, Dr. Shiver can always be counted upon to deliver club tracks of the utmost quality.

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