Bad Nelson – Babylonia

Bad Nelson is currently one of Switzerland’s bright, up-and-coming talents. Hailing from the city of Lausanne, this electro and progressive house producer has been catching many fans’ attention with his incredible set of releases.

Throughout his career, Bad Nelson has received heavy support for his brilliant productions such as his single titled “Grindhouse”, his collaboration with Jerry Joxx titled “Ignite”, and his track called “Set Me Free” alongside Igor Blaska, Alex Byrne, and Nathan Brumley.

Also proving his tremendous success, Bad Nelson has been signed by some of the industry’s top record labels from Freeway Recordings to Megaloud Recordings. Recently, he joined the roster of Metanoia Music to release his brand new track titled “Babylonia”.

Known for his earth-shattering electro house sounds, Bad Nelson effectively fuses in his signature style that will definitely get a crowd of any size pumped up. Opening up with a desert-like synth lead, this track immediately captivates the audience and delivers quite an exotic listening experience.

“Babylonia” continues to culminate with a flurry of melodies and plucks and soon transitions into the mighty drop. With its floor-shaking basslines and catchy progressions, the climax certainly has the capability of lighting up any festival or club in the future.

“Babylonia” is now available on Metanoia Music and you can download a copy from Beatport here.