benAM – Rover

Los Angeles-based up and coming producer benAM, whose style brings together the best of indie-electronic, tech and progressive, sounds like he should already being headlining festivals — hopefully, the masses will catch on soon to make it happen.

Since the beginning, benAM has had a well-defined sound and set of influences, which allowed him to start building a distinguished brand immediately. However, as can be heard in just about any of his tracks, this project is all about breaking down the barriers between the specific genres that inspire him, or at least not allowing his music to be put in a box. His latest track, “Rover”, is a prime example of this, proving that not every major hit needs a thundering composition.

“Rover” is his latest masterpiece that is straight out of Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” Or, for a slightly more interesting and nonfictive image, it could be said to sound something like the musical lovechild of Haywyre and Deadmau5. Throughout the entire seven minutes, benAM constructs a sturdy yet constantly progressing theme, weaving digital and organic threads into a vibrant sonic tapestry fit for the halls of a galactic empire’s capitol building. His synth and overall sound design up and down the frequency spectrum is a feast for the senses, not to mention the smoothness he exudes in every measure.

It is always thrilling to find artists that can manifest their thoughts and influences in the sonic realm, as doing it effectively takes a fine balance of creativity and determination. benAM is definitely one of those who can bridge the gap between the internal and external musical experiences.

Comprised of music and sarcasm. Based in Amsterdam

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