Premiere: Cashmere Jaxx – Get High

Cashmere Jaxx is further evidence of the breadth and depth in the electronic dance music talent from The Netherlands. Specialising in funky House and tribal-infused Big Room, the native from the city of Breda has started to acquire quite the portfolio.

Now with his own portfolio, ‘Heartbeat Sessions‘ reflect his experience in performing and ear for track compilation. Dropping his first original over three years ago, Cashmere Jaxx has started to expand into remixes of the likes of Stromae and R3wire. Holding performances at the reputed venues of Mambo and The Flying Dutch, the emerging talent has also held mixes on Amsterdance Radio.

Attracting the attention of Kryder and his renowned imprint Sosumi Records, Cashmere Jaxx has gained support from one of the industry’s elite. Renowned as the best label in the world for Free Downloads, his latest original track, “Get High”, strongly contributes to that proceeding reputation.

Monstrous in sound, the tribal drums quite simply ignite your auditory sense. Big in impact, they are some of the most potent drums from the tribal sound group we’ve heard in quite some time. Utilising a vocal riff to further elevate its effect, the track is a complete and polished tribal Big Room track that is for sure.

Coming as part of We Rave You and Sosumi Records partnership for the holidays, we’ll be premiering a whopping 12 tracks in 12 days. You can check out the exclusive full preview of Cashmere Jaxx’s tracks below and check out the others here.

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