deadmau5 plans to release a 20 track compilation in early 2017

Another week, another deadmau5 headline. The Canadian electronic music legend has decided to remaster his old hits and breathe new life into them. Fans were left speechless after he announced his plans for this compilation on his Twitch stream; which has certainly become a good news source for all things Joel Zimmerman. This, of course, comes after the release of his latest album.

The compilation is set to be released in February, well according to deadmau5 atleast. Joel has assured fans in a simple manner, “ill [sic] try and get it done fast.”

The compilation will include some of the finest deadmau5 music ever to surface. Check out the tracklist for yourself.

1. deadma5 – The big difference
2. deadmau5 – Messages from nowhere
3. deadmau5 – Digitol
4. deadmau5 – Screen door
5. deadmau5 – Squid
6. deadmau5 – Sometimes i fail
7. deadmau5 – 50 something cats
8. deadmau5 – Charlie can’t dance
9. deadmau5 – Bored of Canada
10. deadmau5 – Creep (Original Version)
11. deadmau5 – My opinion
12. deadmau5 – HaxPigMeow
13. deadmau5 – Obsidian
14. deadmau5 – Obilistik
15. deadmau5 – Long walk off a short pie
16. deadmau5 – Support
17. deadmau5 – Superlover
18. deadmau5 – Try again
19. Creep (2013 alt version)
20. deadmau5 – Unspecial Effects

Source: Dancing Astronaut