deadmau5 confirms new album coming next year

Following the release of W:/2016ALBUM/ earlier this month, deadmau5 has been fairly transparent in his feelings regarding it. Several times, he has commented that he would have preferred to have more time, claiming that the album was ‘slapped together’. This statement surprised some people, especially considering the widely positive response towards the album from both fans and critics, leading to some feeling that deadmau5 was simply being overly critical towards his own work.

In a surprise announcement via Twitter, deadmau5 has stated his intentions to begin writing his next album in late January 2017, meaning that more new music could be just around the corner. His approach regarding announcements has always been fairly relaxed, with his Twitter usually being the ideal place to catch up on his current projects, as well as his current opinions regarding various subjects in the scene.

One thing is for certain, a new album is coming, and its creation will begin in late January 2017, information which has of course been received very well by his fans, with many surprised that he is set go back into the studio so soon after the release of W:/2016ALBUM/.

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