Deadmau5 – W:/2016ALBUM [Album Review]

Renowned for his unique production sound along with his controversial social media feuds, Canadian mastermind Deadmau5 has released several albums over the years, with his latest one having dropped in 2014. Now the Mau5trap boss has returned with the release of his highly anticipated eighth studio album, entitled ‘W:/2016ALBUM‘.

The album is exactly what Mau5 fans have been waiting for, featuring a number of tracks that had been previously drawn a lot of attention after Joel previewed them on live streams, as well as some of his most recent singles. With extended progressive pieces sitting alongside his darker electronic sound, Deadmau5′ diversification and exploration have proved to work wonders.

There are a number of stand-out tracks from the album, with ‘Imaginary Friends‘ topping our list of favourites. At almost 8 minutes long, this musical masterpiece is reminiscent of Deadmau5 of old, as he delivers another pulsating electro anthem that is guaranteed to cause a reaction when played live. ‘Three Pound Chicken Wing‘ follows in a similar fashion, with the intense beat underpinning the haunting chords throughout.

Let Go‘ sees Joel collaborate with American producer Grabbitz. Catching Deadmau5’s eye back in 2015, the Buffalo native rearranged Deadmau5’s instrumental “Silent Picture”, into a vocal ballad strong enough to have the masked DJ himself rework it into his newest album in the shape of both a radio edit and extended mix. The hit combines power from both artists, and is one fans have certainly been eagerly anticipating. In comparison, ‘4ware‘ showcases the Mau5’ iconic progressive flare, proving that he hasn’t lost his touch for this genre. Provoking emotions within the listener through the spine-tingling melody and feel-good synths, the track is very worthy of its position as the album opener.

Many of the remaining tracks on the album feature more down tempo compositions to usual, meaning there is a little something for every listener within the album. Filled with enriching build up’s, surging progressions and upbeat rises, the extended format of his tracks provides ample satisfaction. Overall, this is another solid album from Joel, as we have come to expect nothing less. Fans will be exhilarated by the rumours of an upcoming tour, and this album will intensify this hype even more as Deadmau5 ends the year on this massive high.

Listen to ‘W:/2016ALBUM’ in full below.