Deniz Koyu rebrands his new music and profile to KO:YU

Deniz Koyu goes KO:YU. In a time when every other artist seems to be molding to the mainstream, Deniz Koyu is doing the exact opposite. After more then six yers in the elctronic music business, Koyu has turned his original passion project into arguably one of the qualitatively most convicing acts on the planet. Now, however, it’s time for a change.

The German producer has had a fair share of worldwide success over the course of the last years. With gems like “Tung“, “Bong” or “Rage“, he kickstarted his career in an impressive manner. In fact, Deniz Koyu has built an incredible name for himself in a relatively short period of time. The German artist, who perpetually produces and tours internationally, epitomizes the notion of a hardworking producer and has established himself as one of the most demanded DJs in the world.

Deniz Koyu is nowadays no stranger to the dance scene, however might as well be one of the most underrated names in the industry. His powerful and unique melody-oriented work has proven to be a recipe for success, gaining him a massive fan base around the globe. With the new moniker titled KO:YU, it’s hard to tell what we can expext from this exceptional artist, but his teaser below might give us an indication.

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