Dr. Shiver vs Marc Typ feat. Christina Skaar – Love for Life

Bruno Carlo Oggioni, or better known as Dr. Shiver, is one of the most respected names within the industry. Not only is he a remarkable and experienced disc jockey and music producer, he is also the chief executive owner of Art & Music Recording, which has successfully been showcasing the talents of numerous up-and-coming artists in the dance music circuit.

Dr. Shiver has produced a plethora of astonishing music and his portfolio truly speaks for itself. With his massive remixes for the likes of Axwell & Ingrosso and Candi Staton and impressive singles such as “Dom Dom” and “Runaway”, Dr. Shiver has maintained a high level and quality of production throughout his career.

One particular track that stands out from his discography would be his collaboration with progressive and electro house producer Marc Typ. Titled “Love for Life”, this single was undoubtedly one of Art & Music Recording’s biggest summer releases and the amount of support it has received has been tremendous.

Featuring the lovely voice of Christina Skaar, this track presents a heartwarming vibe to the audience especially with its moving lyrics. “Love for Life” also features a chord progression that blends impeccably with the vocals alongside the uplifting and blissful drop. Overall, with its joyful emotions and captivating progressive house elements, this tune is an absolute must-hear for any dance music enthusiast.

Listen to the full track below: