Electric Daisy Carnival NYC closes its doors for 2017

As electronic music continues to remain an international staple in most millennials’ playlists, one can’t help but think the past decade’s momentum won’t eventually slow down. Known for being the city that never sleeps, New York City rests as arguably one of the most celebrated nightlife destinations in the world. Unfortunately, EDM and its subgenres are slowly beginning to make their way out. With the closing of Pacha NYC last January, and now the recent cancellation of Electric Daisy Carnival NYC, the hopes for the East Coast don’t seem to be as strong compared to years prior.

Taking to Facebook Sunday Evening, Insomniac head Pasquale Rotella revealed the company’s plans for 2017. Taking place this year will be the first ever EDC Japan, as well as an EDC take over in the UK. With positive news however, comes the unfortunate deletion of New York from EDC’s epic 2017 roster. In hopes to bring a larger crowd to the festival’s epicenter held in Las Vegas, there will be an introduction to a new stage, as well as an Art Cart sound system dedicated to New York DJ’s. This alone should help bring some of the East Coast natives to the event. One of the most exciting reveals for 2017 however, would be the reveal of Nocturnal Wonderland in SoCal. According to Pasquale, the festival hopes to create “a more boutique, blacklit, truly Back to Basics approach to the music and the production.”

For more information regarding the Insomniac 2017 statement, read Pasquale’s full statement below.


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