Eric Prydz – Epic Radio Podcast 015

There is no shortage of quality if its been curated by the golden hands of the Swedish master Eric Prydz. And that is the prime reason why Progressive House fans return again and again to all compilations and mixes done by the Swede whenever an uncanny feeling of nostalgia or decay creeps into the daily listener’s life. And one of the major avenues for rejoicing his taste-maker avatar is his newly revived EPIC Radio, the 15th episode of which was covered by us here. With more releases from him than ever before, more shows, mixes and compilations, Prydz is on his way towards having a great 2016 – his album release from the start of the year and the EPIC shows have only been there to justify this claim.

But Prydz disagrees. During the show he also explains that he thinks that his major year is going to be 2017 as he has more and more new stuff in the pipes and due to winter being hard in the States as it is, he has found a silver lining by staying in as much and working on new music and upcoming shows.

Yet, here we are talking about what we admire most about the man himself – his taste for good music. Chiming in with the 16th edition of his EPIC Radio podcast, Prydz, welcoming the listener ever so humbly, kicks off the mix with a unique and charming ID. Up next were two of his well-known productions from the Pryda catalog namely, ‘Big Boss‘ and ‘Odyssey‘, and then circled back to the unreleased stuff to feature another ID – it’s truly amazing and admittedly coming soon. The famous ‘Palladium ID2‘ made space for the show to continue before being followed by Matan Caspi’s breath-taking take on Rick Pier O’Neil & Desaturate’s ‘Crouch‘, 8Kays’ ‘Groove Me‘, Cristoph’s Catsy and a round-off with ‘Kisses Goodbye‘ by Squire. After that it was back to square one at the Pryda catalog to showcase ‘Elements‘ and ‘Clockwise‘ to serenade the listener. And just when you think it’s over – when you’ve been distracted by all the good music again – the Vinyl Chapter rewinds back to Depeche Mode’s 1981 single ‘Photographic‘ from their album Speak & Spell. It’s truly a great end to stellar mix, quite similar to how Adrian Lux ended the Axtone mix with a Fleetwood Mac single. What a guy!

Check out the full track-list with more details here here!

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