Eric Prydz reveals exquisite new track in memory of deceased fan

Very few music news stories in recent times have made quite an emotional impact as that of Eric Prydz‘s graciousness, kindness and generosity in the case of the recent tragic loss of one of his fans. After the reveal of an emotional story of a terminally ill young fan James Lillo suffering from cancer wanting to see the Swedish star live one last time, Eric accomplished what we thought was impossible – which is to be even greater in the eyes of his fans. In a truly incredible act of kindness from the superstar, Prydz agreed to fly James to Los Angeles for a private event in order to grant the young man’s wish. A truly inspirational gesture that shows the power of humanity, music’s innate ability to connect people and its significant impact on our lives. The noble cause of the show was also to raise money for James’ chosen charity which was the Cancer Research Institute.

In a tragic sequence of events, the story took a heartbreaking turn in the sudden passing of Eric’s fan James before he ever had the chance to see his music hero play. Understandably shaken by the somber news, the Swedish superstar did the honorable and truly gracious act of continuing to play the show in order to raise money for James’ cancer charity and honor his lost fan.

The event at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles was always bound to be bittersweet and emotional for the Swede and a video has surfaced online of what the night had in store for those in presence. The video reveals that Prydz appears to have premiered a new music masterpiece on the special night. Emotional and hypnotic in nature, the track holds the trademark Prydz melodies with an almost somber and ominous undertone. The circumstances in which the track was played in were surreal and heartwarming as this was in some kind of special way the star’s heartfelt tribute and last goodbye to his fallen fan. Listen to the beautiful and sentimental masterpiece that will forever belong to one special young man. May you Rest In Peace James.


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