Premiere: Jenia x Mr.Styles – Time

Jenia and Mr.Styles are two of the pivotal members leading the renowned and reputed club scene’s of Cyprus and Greece. With a close ear to the pulse of the electronic dance music scene, their combined taste’s enable their compositions to infuse a high-degree of groove and quality. Regularly collaborating, their house-heavy sound is evolving to become distinctive and demanded.

Typically Cyprus-based, Jenia has already garnered support from industry heavyweights such as Steve Angello, Hardwell, Above & Beyond and Marcus Schossow. A resident performer at the respected and internationally acclaimed Guaba Beach Bar, he is also no stranger to performing in front of thousands.

Native to the nearby isle’s of Greece, Mr.Styles is as much a businessman as he is producer and disk-jockey. Success with whichever avenue he puts effort into, he has helped form tracks such as “IWI” on Angello’s iconic Size Records and the enchanting “Class X”, both alongside Jenia himself.

The main reason we started working together in the first place was variety in backgrounds and influences. We knew that the similarities would help bring the differences together and create a unique sound. When we felt ready we found a way to contact Steve directly and he went with the track immediately giving us the opportunity of a lifetime!

Undeniable in their chemistry, the mental wavelength they share is certainly one of the factors that draws labels such as Kryder’s Sosumi Records:

We clicked with Kryder from day one because we all agree on that the only thing we do harder than party, is work! We also believed in Kryder’s vision of supporting new artists since it’s something we do at Guaba as well.

Renowned as the best label in the world for Free Downloads, Jenia and Mr.Styles’ latest number, “Time”, is no exception to that proceeding reputation – and it seems they’re pretty happy with its surrounding concept:

It’s Christmas. And Sosumi found a very smart and creative way to do what they do best! Give presents to it’s dedicated followers and artists the label supports.

Coming at the start of the ’12 Days of Sosumi’ in the run up to Christmas, the track sits at nearly five minutes long. Laying out a paced atmosphere of enriching chopped chords, catchy vocal riffs and rip-roaring melody, the track encapsulates the essence of their sets at We Rave You Sessions. And with more sound waves in the pipeline, it makes for exciting 2017 prospects:

[We will] set out to do what we’ve done from the beginning. Fresh music that people enjoy, want to dance to, feel good about and not the same over & over. A nice tour schedule is starting to form so hopefully we’ll be able to do that personally too.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the track in full below and enjoy the Free Download as one of 12 gifts from Sosumi Records to you this Christmas!

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