Jeremy Olander – Caravelle EP

Jeremy Olander is a name well know by lovers of progressive house in particular. Now a fully fledged independent, his duration as one of Eric Prydz’ prodigy’s has clearly helped the more intangible and holistic elements of his studio production as a whole.

Now at the prime age of 28, the Swede has really come into his own over the past 12 months. Following previous EP’s such as ‘Hanover‘ last year, ‘Talespin‘ a few months ago and a number of notable guest mixes throughout 2016, he certainly proved his worth furthermore with the induction of his radio show, ‘Vivrant‘. Also the title for his developing label, Jeremy Olander is followed by an admiring and appreciative fan base, the Stockholm native has continued to delve into his creative abilities to produce some rather special compositions.

Helping round out what has been his biggest year to date is also the new of his recent announcement of a residency at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles. A timely move with his latest studio work, the ‘Caravelle‘ Extended Play acting a testament to his skill sit and further evidence of his esteemed consistency.

Demanding the descriptions of captivating and intriguing, the trio of track provokes a real auditory journey. Opening with the lead track “Caravelle“, the progressive house sits at just over seven minutes. Utilizing a melody that exploits the soft 80’s vocal overlay, Olander rounds off the top half of the track with crafted and timely FX elements. Warm in its tone, it brings a soothing effect through its rhythmic drums and percussive tenancies.

Sitting in the middle of the EP, is the track “Atlanten“. Already sitting on nearly 25,000 plays after five days since its release, the more upbeat composition is also the longest on the tracklist. Wholesome in its consequential atmosphere, the methodical and paced build up reflects both a delicate touch to the layers refinement and darker tensions. Ominous and fulfilling, the tracks edgier styling can fit a multitude of contexts.

Round of the three-track EP is “Shuttle“. Also sitting at over eight minutes, the track’s progressive format lends itself to Jeremy Olander’s visionary atmosphere’s. Groovier in tone, the composition brings a nostlagic vibe from the start of the previous decade. Creating a more mellow electronic sound-spectrum, the shuffling beats intertwine with the surging chords to form a pulsating energy. Under laid by a fluctuating melody “Shuttle” embodies the eclectic overtones of the EP in the entirety.


Let us know your thoughts on Jeremy Olander’s latest work and be sure to grab your copy of “Caravelle” from Beatport today!

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