Joris Voorn announces brand new concept ‘SPECTRUM’

Joris Voorn is a man with broad and eclectic tastes. The embodiment of the modern and tech-savvy touring DJ, with both feet planted firmly in the underground techno world, Joris has a keen eye for contemporary art, photography and a long-standing love of architecture and visual culture. Well known for his meticulously planned and executed extended sets across the world, Joris loves to showcase his wide-ranging and diverse taste in underground house, techno and every other shade of electronic music in between, unconstrained by time restrictions. As a natural progression to playing longer sets Joris has decided to take full creative control and launch his new event brand titled ‘Spectrum’. The concept will share the full range of his broad taste in music with fans through a series of events, mixes and a global syndicated radio show ‘Spectrum Radio’.

Joris has been teasing the ‘Spectrum’ concept on his social channels using images from a special photo shoot that he commissioned from leading Dutch photographer Jos Kottmann¬†during Amsterdam Dance Event, where he invited fans from all around the world on Facebook to come and have their picture taken by Jos for use in the artwork for the night. Jos will be joining Joris at each ‘Spectrum’ event bringing his photo studio and offering clubbers the choice to get involved in this ever expanding interactive photography project.

Talking about the new concept, the music trailblazer explains:

“When I first started listening to electronic(dance) music more than 20 years ago, it was like opening Pandora’s Box. I instantly loved house and techno, but also Drum & Bass, IDM, Broken Beats, Acid, Ambient and everything in between. As my DJ career developed, I became known for playing house and techno, but within my sets always explored the full Spectrum of sounds and styles within those genres. Up to this day I am fascinated by dance music in all its colorful variations, and through Spectrum, I hope to share this love of music with you.”


Check out the massive line-ups for the events to be hosted across Holland, France and the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2017:

spectrum1 spectrum2
spectrum3 spectrum4

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