KSHMR plans to debut new show concept at 2016 Sunburn Festival

KSHMR is one of the industry’s most respected and brilliant DJ’s and producers. From his early beginnings with The Cataracs to his highly successful solo career now, KSHMR has clearly come a long way toward his path to stardom.

Not only is the Indian-American artist notorious for his incredible productions like “Secrets” and “Heaven”, he is also prominent around the globe for his electrifying live performances. From Coachella to Tomorrowland, KSHMR has successfully headlined some of the world’s biggest festivals especially during the last year.

Though, one of the festivals that is considered a home for KSHMR would be the annual Sunburn Festival in India. Last year, KSHMR delivered one of the most monumental live sets of his career at that massive spectacle and this year, he is about to perform once again, but with the stakes even higher.

Recently on his Instagram page, KSHMR had revealed that he is set to implement a completely different show with new records and stories. His past shows have mostly consisted of heart-pumping electro house and progressive house tunes that have electrified thousands of people around the world, including many of his own tracks.

Not much information is given regarding his plans but we shall only wait and see what he has in stored for his passionate fans. Regardless, with a new concept in mind, which he is planning to debut at the upcoming Sunburn Festival from December 27-30, KSHMR will surely cap off a highly successful 2016 campaign with a bang and enter the next year with such great momentum on his side.