KSHMR’s production series, “Lessons of KSHMR” is out now

KSHMR is one of our favourite artists here at We Rave You. The man has consistently delivered quality productions and has played a major role in shaping the industry to what it is today. KSHMR is well known among producers for providing material such as sample packs and guides to improve their sounds, but he has managed to push the boundaries even further with his latest endeavour, “Lessons of KSHMR“. The videos are being shared across the entire production community and it’s clear to see why.

Lessons of KSHMR is a production series in collaboration with Splice, one of the world’s largest production oriented hubs. KSHMR previously teamed up with the company to release some of his essential sample sounds, which is still a sought after pack even after months of release. But this tutorial series trumps all expectations, KSHMR goes deep into the technical aspects of making a powerful EDM track.

The production series covers a variety of topics. We have “Making a Powerful Drop“, where he takes us into his collaboration with Headhunterz (Dharma). It explains how to effectively create and use bass-lines, lead sounds and even vocals to pack up a solid drop. There’s also a few more videos explaining some of the most commonly used techniques in his tracks and he really dives deep to give us a full insight into how he achieves his signature sound. Topics include, “Nylon Guitar Strumming“, “Writing Melodies” and “Creative Pitch Correction“.

No matter what stage you are in your production career, Lessons of KSHMR will provide you with a tonne of value. It’s not everyday that producers of this calibre give away resources like this, so make sure you head over and check it out. You can stream the tutorials either on Splice’s official website or YouTube.