Le Youth – If You’re Leaving (feat. Sydnie)

LA-based producer Le Youth rounded off 2016 as a new label owner, proceeding to build up momentum in the second half of the year and establishing himself as a leader in the world of contemporary house music. His first release from the new imprint, “Me Without You“, succeeded as a 90’s influenced crossover hit and served as a convincing commencement of a new chapter in his still young career.

With only a few weeks remaining in the year, Le Youth shows no sign of slowing his juggernaut pace, introducing his brand new release titled “If You’re Leaving”, alongside Sydnie, right in time for Christmas. The track fuses the best of heyday soul hallmarks and contemporary house energy, leveling the playing field with a sense of depth and dexterity only found among a select handful of acts on the American market. Just as you can always count on the American touch to make subtle returns into the market, Le Youth can always be counted upon to deliver club tracks of the utmost quality.

Sydnie’s on-point vocal performance is the real one-up for “If You’re Leaving”, a track that immediately benefits from Le Youth’s outstanding and collected beat work from the outset, but really finds its feet weaved in Sydnie’s slick verses. If his newly established imprint Homewerk is out to be taken seriously as a label contender for the coming years, then tracks like “If You’re Leaving Me” are a surefire step in the right direction.

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