Lexus unveil Dance Music’s latest attraction: a car fitted with 41,999 LEDs

Toyota’s luxury automobile division Lexus has come up with a car design that is causing waves across the Dance Music horizon. The car, which is a hyper-decorated version of their Lexus IS version, is one that astonishingly reminds one’s bewildered eyes of the festival crowds on wheels. The car aptly titled the the LIT IS, is collaboration between Lexus and video streaming service Vevo to promote UK singer/songwriter Dua Lipa’s new video, “Be The One,” according to Gizmodo.

Fitted with 41,999 LEDs giving off 175,000 lumens of light, the car can easily be passed as the coolest automobile concept of the year. So, the concept begs the question, what does it do then? Lexus has this to say about the three modes that the car’s LEDs can work on:

Attract mode features a loop of colorful graphics that highlight the strong lines of the IS and play into its bold styling. Music Viz mode is designed to respond to music, as the LEDs will create custom, responsive displays that perfectly sync to any song. Gesture mode allows the motion of the LED animations to be controlled by users’ hand movements with the help of a gaming console. This mode directly connects the car and the driver, allowing the person to send a signal and see the car respond.

Cool, isn’t it? But don’t bother trying to save up for this Futurist concept car because there isn’t a way this is getting on the roads. For now, it is a concept that has attracted a fair amount of attention from the ravers.

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