Mako – Hourglass [Album Review]

The dynamic duo of Alex Seaver and Logan Light, who together form Mako, are without doubt two of the most creative, inspiring and talented producers in the industry. From their early days of ‘Beam‘ and ‘Our Story‘, the pair have continuously crossed the boundaries between indie, electronic and progressive house, delivering their music through heart-felt lyrics and soulful melodies. They duo have been teasing the progress of their album for a number of months, and finally the time has arrived for the official release of ‘Hourglass‘.

It has to be said that from the very beginning, this album is about as good as it gets. It is rare to find a compilation of songs where every single track is a masterpiece in its own individual way, but ‘Hourglass‘ manages to perfectly portray the emotion and heart of dance music – an art that has become increasingly scarce in the modern era of heavy drops and punchy kicks. Every track tells its own story, with ‘Let Go Of The Wheel‘ earning its deserved spot as the album opener. In this spine-tingling number, Mako infuses dance music with an exquisite orchestral touch, a technique that becomes a signature of the album. Without being a typical floor filler, instead this track has raw emotion that takes the listener on a powerful journey.

Real Life‘ is one of the few collaborations on the album, as the pair team up with Morgan Page to deliver a track packed with incredible drums, synths, and live pianos, creating an uplifting and feel-good vibe throughout. Whilst ‘Smoke Filled Room‘, ‘Way Back Home‘ and ‘Into The Sunset‘ are all part of Mako’s recent successful releases that helped generate a lot of the hype around the album. A host of other impressive tracks make up the remainder of ‘Hourglass‘, before the epic finale sees the duo return to their iconic progressive anthem ‘Our Story‘ and repackage it as a piece of pure cinematic gold.

Overall, this will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the albums of the year – each track is as unique and compelling as the next, as Mako continue to push the boundaries of dance music. The months of dedication that Alex and Logan have given to creating these tracks have truly paid off. Listen to ‘Hourglass‘ in all its glory below.