Mat Zo and Porter Robinson’s magical track “Easy” turns 4 years old

Mat Zo and Porter Robinson are two of the electronic music scene’s most creative and unique minds. Since the beginning of his career, London’s Mat Zo has been able to achieve tremendous success for his versatility in the realm of music production. He is best known for his tracks such as “Soul Food” and “Lucid Dreams” and has even received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album in 2013 for his debut album ‘Damage Control’.

Similarly, Porter Robinson has also established him as one of the industry’s most prominent names. This American producer is notorious for his brilliant productions like “Language”, “Sad Machine” and most recently, “Shelter” alongside French talent Madeon.

In the midst of their rise to stardom, Mat Zo and Porter Robinson collaborated to produce a track together. Titled “Easy”, this single was able to receive critical acclaim and was able to rank high on several music charts from across the globe.

With its impeccable blend of uplifting melodies, stunning synth leads, and charming vocals, “Easy” became one of 2013’s biggest anthems and touched the hearts of countless listeners. Today marks the four-year anniversary of the track’s release and to celebrate, let us relive every memory we have had with this progressive house masterpiece.