Maxime Iron & Joe Maeght – Atmosphere

Maxime Iron is yet another French producer set to rise toward the higher ranks of the industry. Hailing from eastern France, this up-and-coming talent has successfully released his tracks through labels such as Jade Recordings and N’joy Records. Maxime Iron has also been signed by Optimum Recordings, in which he delivered his extended play titled ‘Du Fond Du Coeur’.

Making his return to Optimum Recordings, Maxime Iron has just dropped his brand new collaboration with Paris-native Joe Maeght. Titled “Atmosphere”, this track effectively showcases the high level of creativity and versatility that both producers possess of and features the techno sounds that would surely light up any club or festival environment.

Similar to Maxime Iron, Joe Maeght is also beginning to gain prominence within the dance music scene. As a DJ, Joe Maeght has played at some of France’s biggest nightclubs and now he is set to take on the duties of a music producer, kicking it off with his mighty track alongside Maxime Iron.

Right off the bat, “Atmosphere” brings out the underground vibe with its mysterious and dark melodies and breakdowns. The track takes its listeners through a completely different dimension during its bone-chilling buildups, which transition into the climatic sequences. With its hard-hitting drums and striking techno elements, the drop definitely has the capability of energizing an entire crowd and making every single audience member dance to the beat.

“Atmosphere” is now available on Beatport.