Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra – Your Love (Ft. Jamie Principle) [Kölsch Remix]

Is there a song more iconic in the history of house music than Frankie Knuckles Your Love? The 1987 classic is widely regarded as one of the first original examples of early Chicago house music and also just happens to be one of the best. Many producers, fans and DJ’s alike will cite this as one of the best tracks ever made within the genre and it’s easy to see that its influence is still being felt today. The house music godfather who sadly passed away in 2014 has left behind a rich and incredible legacy, and as part of Pete Tong‘s recent tour with The Heritage Orchestra in the UK during which a number of dance classics were covered, Your Love happened to be one of those tracks. The orchestral covers have been recorded and released as part of Pete’s Classic House compilation.

Danish maestro Kölsch who also happened to have a track orchestrally covered in the form of his hit Grey was asked to produce a remix of the recorded orchestral version, and without surprise he has delivered something special. The great Dane’s take on Your Love is one which stays true and respectful to the original, while also adding its own unique elements. Jamie Principle‘s spell-binding vocals work a treat as always while Kölsch takes care of re-arranging the track and adding some quite frankly massive sustained synth chords to the drop section. The Dane manages to skilfully take the melancholic atmosphere of the original and turns it into a proper dark-room destroyer.

Take a listen to the epic track below: