Premiere: Christian Smith – Explanation (Kaiserdisco Remix)

Christian Smith is known to be a techno trailblazer. With his output in recent years it is hard to imagine a list of prolific producers without his name towards the top. He has consistently dominated charts and DJs playlists with a steady flow of releases on high profile labels like Drumcode, Plus8/Minus, Cocoon and his own Tronic imprint. This September saw the release of Christian Smith’s third solo album “Input/Output” delivered on Tronic. The 11 track production embodied his message of creating “real” techno, with powerful percussions and melodic basslines throughout. This December as winter draws, Christian brings us a formidable remix package with reworks from Julian Jeweil, Kaiserdisco, Kenny Glasgow and Victor Ruiz.

First on the lineup, is Kenny Glasgow, who takes ‘Subzero‘ into a hypnotic zone, riding deep along a slowly building melodic hook. Pulsing bass stabs go in and out, building an atmosphere before the percussive force kicks in with authority. ‘Initiate Sequence‘ is going full force with this remix by Julian Jeweil, as it comes straight out the gate with a pumping beat. Searing claps push the mix amid a repetition of dark vocals, which has all the elements of a techno hit. Victor Ruiz brings us his rework of ‘Blast Off‘, and brings his own special touch to the tune. Crispy kick and a booming low hold down the back bone of the beat as the thundering synth rides atop.


Kaiserdisco has seen one of the most consistent release schedules in recent German techno and tech house and this time delivers some low-end funk with their remix of ‘Explanation‘. Groovy yet strong, this mix brings it all together, combining catchy synth work with the dark undertones we all love to vibe to. We Rave You is proud to premiere the brand new Kaiserdisco remix of Christian Smith’s hit ‘Explanation’. Available from 5 December, pre-order it right here and check out the stellar remix exclusively below :



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