Premiere: TIA – La Parabra

TIA is another product from the increasingly impressive Italian electronic dance music pipeline. Hailing from the landscapes of Milan, his track on the ’12 Days of Sosumi’ playlist speaks volumes of his studio production and existing portfolio.

Having taken on tracks from the likes of Valentino Khan for a bootleg of “Deep Down Low“, TIA has gone on to compose original material in a collaborative effort with Wlady for “Shine” also. With a notable charting on the Beatport House Chart, TIA has also garnered the support of the reputed Gregor Salto. Delving into the subgenres of House and Deep House, the young Italian has certainly proved his potential.

This time his latest production, “La Parabra”, showcases a more tribal and themed track to his prior work. Utilizing rapid rhythm’s and rightful windpipe synths, the composition forms a neat package to enjoy. Endearing in its duration and fulfilling in its atmosphere, Sosumi’s characteristic of alternative sounds is evident throughout.

Coming as part of We Rave You and Sosumi Records partnership for the holiday season, we’ll be premiering a whopping 12 tracks in 12 days. You can check out the exclusive full preview of TIA’s track below and check out the others releases from the concept here.

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