Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music (Ed Marquis Bootleg)

It was only within the last decade that making decently produced music became available to just about anyone with a computer. The music scene has only begun to blossom as a result of this, though promising signs are arriving more frequently every year. Among the growing number of talented new producers and songwriters is London-based Ed Marquis.

Severely catchy riffs are tastefully interspersed with interesting chord progressions throughout his latest take on Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music, which showcases the production quality he is starting to attain. The main melody is simple and meaningful, and will easily lodge itself in the listener’s head for hours after. A driving bassline provides presence throughout the majority of the remix, which develops into a bouncy future house groove. Placing Rihanna’s on-point voice into a completely new composition, Ed Marquis matches the energy of the track well, altogether providing an engaging listen from start to finish.

Ed Marquis’s remix retains an authentic, modern groovy sensibility, which will appeal to a great variety of musical tastes. His most recent release ventures down a much more future-house-oriented path than the majority of his other tracks, particularly in regards to its drops. However, the simple, logical beats and powerful synth work which pervade the track keep it well-grounded.

One great thing about thoughtful songwriting, of which Ed Marquis has plenty, is that it lends itself to producing remixes, which don’t always seem to be an easy task. Luckily, he has taken advantage of this and has a number of quality remixes on his SoundCloud worth checking out. The future looks bright.

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