Rino Esposito & Drew Trax – Lion

Rino Esposito is yet another bright and talented export from Italy who has successfully set himself up on a path toward greater prominence. Hailing from the city of Naples, this up-and-coming producer and DJ has displayed his skills and creativity with his remarkable set of releases.

Esposito has dropped several edits and remixes throughout his career, including his take on Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank’s “Shades of Grey” and his bootleg of Moby’s “In This World”. Esposito has also caught the attention of numerous fans with his incredible originals such as “Vortex”, “Get Funky”, and his single called “We Are” on Ensis Records.

Making his return to the East European record label, Esposito has recently released his brand new track titled “Lion”, in collaboration with fellow Naples-native Drew Trax. Similar to Esposito, Trax has also begun establishing himself within this industry with productions like “Shut the F*ck Up” and “Never Back”. Now, the two Italian powerhouses team up to create the roaring “Lion”.

The track features an orchestral buildup that effectively captivates the audience right from the get-go. With the energy increasing, “Lion” transitions into the up-tempo and intense drop that takes the listeners through a thrilling roller coaster ride. Overall, its high production level and electrifying progressive sounds make this tune suitable for any festival or club atmosphere and spotlight the musical prowess Esposito and Trax both possess.

“Lion” is now available on Ensis Records and you can stream/download it here.