Space Ibiza to reopen, keep name and be more exclusive

Space Ibiza has already cemented its place in the history of electronic dance music. While flirting with the possibility of closing its doors in 2016, the legendary name is now expected to be reopening sooner than predicted earlier this year.

Keep its legendary colloquial name, the latest headline for the iconic venue sourced from a recent television interview with the clubs owner, Abel Matutes. Through his company, the Matutes Group, he had taken control of the club after its pioneering, original owner Pepe Rosello retired earlier in the year.

Telling the interviewers, that “It will surely open this year as Space. It’s an accredited brand,” Matutes also went on to advise that the Matutues Group executive team were also looking into a modification of the clubs name. While still referring to it as Space, its formal name may have an additional title that is deemed to closer associate it with the other franchises the group owns.

Going on to confirm that that while the club will remain in the same location with minor modifications, it will carry a more luxurious aesthetic. Aiming to cater towards a more exclusive cohort of visitors on the island, Space Ibiza’s atmospheric charm is likely to change as a consequence. In turn reflecting the scenes like those in seen in America, there has yet to be a hint as to what type of dance music act the new Space Ibiza will book.

In addition to these details, the Spanish businessman also pointed out during the television interview that it was the Matutes Group who have built the property before handing over its leadership through a contract with Rosello.

With more news undoubtedly set to come from the venue and its associated parties, We Rave You will be sure to keep you updated throughout!

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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