Spotify turn unusual user activity into funny new ad campaign

There’s no doubting that Spotify’s popularity as a music streaming platform has grown phenomenally over the past number of years, and with these huge numbers of users comes some unusual activities. And whilst it’s no doubt that we have seen some wild and wacky things this year, Spotify have put their own spin on this in their latest set of advertisements.

Using data gathered from their millions of customers, Spotify have just launched their ‘Thanks, 2016. It’s been weird’ campaign, with banners and billboards being displayed across the likes U.S., U.K., France and Germany, highlighting the peculiar behaviour of both individuals and groups of people at various occasions throughout the year. Developed in-house by Spotify’s internal creative team in New York, and supported by insights from their regional teams around the world, they have created both global and localised ads, commenting on the behaviour of listeners in a creative and funny way.

For example, a U.K. poster reads: “Dear 3,749 people who streamed ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It’ the day of the Brexit Vote. Hang in There.” As well as “Dear person who played ‘Sorry’ 42 times on Valentine’s Day, what did you do?

Spotify’s Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman explained: “That [data] led to the idea of reflecting culture via listener behavior. There has been some debate about whether big data is muting creativity in marketing, but we have turned that on its head. For us, data inspires and gives an insight into the emotion that people are expressing.”

Check out the some of the range of billboard ads below.