Steve Angello’s “Voices” and its remixes turn 13 years old today

Steve Angello is an artist that can have his duration on the scene overlooked in place of excitement for his new material. However, when looking back on the career that has spanned over 15 years in the electronic dance music spotlight, there lies many forgotten gems. One of the more distinctive being “Voices”, the track reflects the youthful sound character Steve Angello had as he was emerging from the borders of Stockholm and Sweden.
Sampling the 1981 UK and US Number One hit, “Don’t You Want Me” by the The Human League, Steve Angello showed his bold ambitions and brave experimentation within the relatively youthful sub-genre. Providing an extended composition, the track itself still remains a Progressive House classic. Not only for its sound and atmosphere, but also its reputed remixes by some the industry’s biggest names.
Reworked by Swedish icon Eric Prydz and the renowned Laidback Luke, their remixes reflected the tight bond the artists shared in their career’s early days. While Prydz’ remodelling has gone on to become arguably bigger than the original track, there is no denying that Size Records sixth release was a special one.
Released for free as part of Size Records big give away of its portfolio, you can relive the Steve Angello magic below!

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