Steve Aoki ft. Louis Tomlinson – Just Hold On

Debuting their fresh new hit with a performance on The X Factor UK last Saturday, EDM pioneer Steve Aoki has linked up with 1 Direction’s Louis Tomlinson for the release of ‘Just Hold On’; a mid-tempo hit with flowing tropical vibes. Exuding Pop-like arrangements from start to finish, it’s obvious Aoki is turning a new leaf with where his music may possibly be headed. The over 3-minute track incorporates all the necessary requirements to ensure he secures a spot for commercial air time, and hopefully a spot on Billboard’s Top 100 as well.

A vocal anthem nonetheless, ‘Just Hold On’ is a fun track with catchy, melodic harmonies, and a futuristic structure perfect to carry Louis’s vocal arrangements. With major synth progressions and a bridge that follows perfectly to the track’s percussion-fused drop, ‘Just Hold On’ is rich in groovy instrumental changes, and really displays clean production work on Aoki’s side. The song as a whole, distributes the perfect amount of ammo to push Aoki further into the limelight, and onto radios airwaves worldwide.

Listen to Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson’s new hit ‘Just Hold On’ below:

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