Tim Gartz – Uptown Girl (Marcus Mouya Remix)

Somewhere between a spike in vocal dance music on the European airwaves and the domestication of polished tropical house within the global charts, the agenda for accessible, chart-primed electronic music has become a bit of a flat affair. The enthusiasm was there, but something lacked in the songwriting that allowed the more practiced genres to succeed and inevitably make the vocal dance market feel limp.

Marcus Mouya emerges as the antidote to a slack songwriting generation of revolutionized Soundcloud warriors and keeps on improving in style. He’s got the attention of industry heavyweights across the whole dance music spectrum, and his uncanny knack for producing blistering remixes has landed his work in DJ sets across the world. The Sweden-based beatmaker is back with a new rendition of Tim Gartz‘ “Uptown Girl“, taking on the deep masterpiece and adding his blissful and uplifting touch to it.

In his rendition, Marcus Mouya opts for a paced-up, club-catered aesthetic to compliment the radio-ready top line. Slamming a galvanizing pack of strings, Marcus Mouya manages to blur the lines between the various sub-genres of house that have emerged over the past year. His remix demonstrates the growing niche of “soul-house” that producers like Michael Calfan and Sam Feldt have been recently pushing into the mainstream avenues, whereas he successfully maintaines his signature sound we’ve come to expect from him.

Full of charm and earnest, this “Uptown Girl” remix is a track that gets everything right from an artist that seems can do no wrong. Rumour also has it the talent will continue his rise with new material in the very near future. So keep a close eye on him.

Check out Marcus Mouya’s mesmerizing work below.

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