Watch: deadmau5 premieres “W:/2016ALBUM” with live setup

It’s been six years since Deadmau5‘ seminal 4×4=12, and four years since Joel Zimmerman’s follow up, Album Title Goes Here — gaps of time that can feel more like an eternity within the electronic music landscape. Now, at long last, the mastermind has returned, wielding a mononymous album, intending to challenge the ephemeral character of the “EDM boom” that took place over the course of the last years. Enter W:/2016ALBUM.

Deadmau5 is acutely aware of the fact that dance music expects his work to “blow everyones mind”, but rather than break character with an attempt to chase mainstream success, Joel, as he always has, opts to open-endedly allow electronic dance culture to decide its own relationship to his work. Historically, that approach has played out quite well for the Canadian dance kingpin.

The intent over W:/2016 is singularly focused on genuine songwriting, and in turn, procuring timeless dance classics as the result. From its core to its perimeter, that is exactly what W:/2016ALBUM is: a collection of instant-classic electronic dance gems. And now, for the first time ever, we have the privilege to witness this masterpiece in a live setup and breath in the absolute grandiosity of the cube.

After teasing fans for almost an entire year, Deadmau5 finally premieres his W:/2016ALBUM together with his new Cube 2.0 stage design. Aesthetically pleasing to say the least, the video exposes the structure in its entirety. From the beginning, the Cube’s depth and mechanically produced layout are enhanced by the backdrop’s lighting display, which, perfectly syncs with the piece and its ever-changing graphics.

It feels like it has been ages since Album Title Goes Here — eons since 4×4=12Now, Deadmau5 has written a record that is perhaps more in-tune with his emotional capacities, while simultaneously challenging the fleeting nature of electronic dance music’s success. Ultimately, Joel Zimmerman has delivered another ageless dance opus with W:/2016ALBUM, concentrating solely on one of the most debated artistic catalysts of modern time: electronic music.

Watch the live performance below (or click here)

Video credit: Speeedy EDM Blog

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