Adrian Lux

Adrian Lux – Micky Ward

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Adrian Lux is one of those artists who stand out of the Swedish dance music scene as a major player, defiantly following their own creative artistic path, and every release of his has been nothing short of quality. Switching from his well-known “Teenage Crime” and “Torn Apart” indie dance sound to a more techno influenced style as of late, Adrian delivers only the best, and his latest masterpiece goes to prove this without a shadow of doubt.

Titled “Micky Ward”, Adrian explores the deeper spectrum of house music with his latest production. Rocking a thumping seismic bass and intermittent hi-hats throughout, the track is designed for those sweet after hours sets, giving off beautiful, relaxing vibes that just make you want to immerse yourself into the dance floor. Of course, the masterpiece tops off with the ingenious melodies Adrian Lux is best-known for crafting, and overall makes “Micky Ward” a top-notch production.

Check out the beautiful techno production here: